Saturday, October 07, 2006

Cross-country solo postponed

Today I awoke to almost "Dutch style" weather. There were large rain clouds near the apartment and some fluffy cumulous clouds the other side of the apartment. The worst bit was the fact that they were all so low.....that basically inhibits me from flying too far away because they're low, the mountains are high and I'm not aloud fly into clouds.

I came in early anyway to get the results of my Nav exam....passed it by the way....and to find out if I'd even be allowed do the x-country solo. I finished the basic planning part and rang the weather guys to get a weather brief. That's when it all went pear shaped. Their basic brief was that the weather was shitty.....low lying clouds en-route, visibility obscured in the clouds, winds gusting at both my destinations and icing and thunderstorms reported in the area. The decision??? Wait until tomorrow.

So I took Foxy Girl up for a quick jaunt just around the airfield to get more landing practice in. But the winds were quite strong (as expected because of the fluffy cumulous clouds) and I was being bandied about in the air. Since I was on my own this time, I didn't feel too happy about flying around for very long, and after just 45 mins I came in for a full stop and taxied back to the school. Kevin dropped by and I filled him in on the craic vis-a-vis the weather and he agreed. So I've spent the afternoon studying. Hopefully tomorrow will bring better weather and I can do the x-country as planned.

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