Monday, October 09, 2006

The floating city that is USS Midway

Matt and I took the afternoon off and headed out to the USS Midway. It's an old aircraft carrier moored in San Diego harbour and is open to the general public to see whatlife aboard a working carrier was like. My first impressions??? I'd say it was VERY hot, VERY sweaty and VERY cramped....not my cup of tea. It was interesting to see what life was like and to see those conditions first hand, but after a while we got a little bored because we really came to drool over the planes on board :-) Here are some pics I took. Enjoy.

Me looking like a git in front of an F-9 Panther

President Matt boarding his personal Helo

The old reliable F-14 oldie, but a classic!

My favourite fighter jet of all time, the F-18

F-4 Phantom in front of the Flight Deck Control

The ubiquitous "Huey", a Vietnam veteran, some of which we've seen coverted into forest fire fighters flying out of Gillespie

The F-8 Crusader, which I thought was a Corsair...but anyway. Nice pic in front of the Flight Control deck.

T-2 Buckeye....despite the ugly name, I think she's a bit of a looker

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