Monday, October 16, 2006

A HUGE big thank you for everyone who made this possible

Firstly, I want to thank Kevin, my instructor, for teaching me how to fly and making it possible to get my pilots licence. Your patience, trust and encouragement was fantastic, and I will also keep my fingers and toes crossed for you that you get the Jet job soon.

I would also like to thank the boys in the "Squadron". They are Sqdn Ldr Matt Arman, Mark "The Machine" Nulty and James "Jimbo" Bayes. Your encourage and drive and belief that I was MORE than ready for the writtens and to stop faffing was the boot up the arse I needed. Especially Mark....who's passing his writtens in a fortnight must be a record!!! Matt, I will be forever grateful for your help throughout, especially when it came to the Nav and how to use that fecking Whizz-wheel.

Then there's Paolo and Enrico. Two crazy Italian's who are the funniest pilots I have ever met. Paolo, your drive and determination is an inspiration and the fact that you never give up has inspired me to believe that I too can do anything I put my mind to, as long as I don't give up. When you're "climbing like a monkey" out of your aerobat, then I'll know you've achieve that one huge goal. Enrico.....what can I say to Enrico. I hope that you get BOTH your greencard AND your type rating but that you do it whilst behaving yourself with the ladies. Thank you for your help and support and for making everyday and fun day at the airfield.

Janis and both know that you're near and dear to me and your advice was what I needed and I hope your ears (when I was complaining) recover after I'm gone. John.....Matt and I are going to get our taildragger endorsements, so we'll be seeing you again soon ;-)

And Laulu......for knowing that I could do it and for believing in me that I could do it. Kiitos kultaseni.

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