Sunday, December 03, 2006

I miss the California sun

This weekend was supposed to be a fun weekend. I had booked a flight with an instructor this weekend to find out more about the local flying area and to get checked out on the C150. It's a smaller plane than the C172 I trained on, and consequently it costs less to rent. The idea behind it was that should I want to go flying on my own, just to keep current, then I could rent the C150 and then when I need the bigger C172 to take friends up, I just rent one of those. Sadly though, Mother Nature took it upon herself to bugger up the weather. Outside it's grey (albeit high cumulus clouds) with intermittent light rain and gusts up to 45kts!!! The rain and clouds are doable.....but the gusts meant that its bumpy and turbulent both int he air and near the surface. So after scheduling for Saturday and then re-scheduling for Sunday, I've had to scrub both flights completely. Hopefully next weekend will be better, but I have a feeling that I'm going to be saying that alot over the coming months.

Roll on Summer sunshine.....

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