Sunday, March 11, 2007

Another day in the saddle

Well, today brought with it another day of sunshine and another day of flying. I took Jana and her boyfriend, Barry, up for a spin around Amsterdam.

I was flying Jessie again today and after a ham and cheese toastie and a cup of coffee at the cafe in Lelystad, we went and checked out Jessie.

With everyone strapped in, safety check done, I started her up and taxied out to RWY 23. The wind was coming from the side a little, so on rotation the plane weathercocked into the wind a little, but nothing a spot of rudder couldn't fix.

We climbed out and departed to the South West aiming directly for the city. I called up Schiphol tower, who seemed to be very quiet today, and passed along my details. I squawked and kept the plane at around 1500ft on the way in. As we got closer to the city I descended a little so that guys could get some good photo's. These ones are from my camera (thanks Barry!!) and I think Barry did a great job getting some lovely shots of the city. Jana didn't like the trip so much. It was a little bumpy every now and then as the sun was heating the ground causing rising thermals.

After some circuits is various directions, we then headed back the way we came and headed home. Jana had calmed down a little as the thermals had reduced over the Flevo polder. We joined the circuit and I had to extend downwind a wee bit because the circuit was busy when I arrived. Coming in a little high and descending slowly gave me enough spacing from the folks in front of me, and a gentle landing brought us back home safely. Another good day and some more great photo's. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Hi Claython,

Nice weblog and nice trip report from your flight over the A'dam city! Such a flight is on my whish for a long time also :-)

I added you weblog to my links section just now and I will be visiting your weblog from now :-)



PH-ABB said...


Real nice site you have got here! I found it via Rob's site. You probably read already that we are thinkin about doing the ATPL course. A big step which takes some time? Are you always flying at Polder? If EHLE is your base airport I think it's nice to meet sometime soon and fly a bit together. I still want to fly over Amsterdam sometime but am very unfamiliar with the area. Perhaps you can show me how it's done. Please take a look at my site to get an impression about my flying around. I will add your url soon to my site.

Hope to hear from you.