Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Now THIS is a heavy landing!!!

And I thought some of my landings when training were bad.

Apparently, this a C-23 Sherpa was operating out of a U.S. operated airfield. He flew in during the day and noticed that there was construction equipment on the runway but no NOTAM informaing pilots. He issued a complaint but nothing was updated.

A repair trench was being dug in the runway to fix a large surface crack an it was not NOTAM'd. Work continued through the night and nobody thought of turning off the landing lights to the runway either.

A C-130 arrived that night and lined up to land. The pilots were unaware of the construction work going on and it ended up ploughing into this MASSIVE hole in the ground.

The C-130 was a write-off and there were a few injuries, but thankfully nobody was killed.


lifeofmarky said...

You think that the landing gear is till in the trench mate lol? And i thought that the surface conditions were poor at Barton... What a balls up...

CMP said...

Tell me about it. I won't feel bad whenever I have a slightly hardish landing from now on. Although, as the old adage goes "Any landing you can walk away from, is a good landing". :-)

lifeofmarky said...

Only too right!!