Thursday, April 05, 2007

Appointment with the FAA made

Rang the FAA's FSDO office in Oakland to make an appointment in order for them to issue my FAA PPL licence when I get to the U.S.

It seems a pretty straightforward, albeit lenghty, affair. We (Matt and I) had to send off a letter (and pay a fee for the privilege) to the CAA to allow them release our details to the FAA. Then we had to send a form to the FAA asking them to verify our licences so that when we get to the U.S. we go to the FSDO office, show them our logbooks, passports and licences and get issued a American FAA licence.

I was a little worried because when I rang them up last week they hadn't received my application details from their head office in Kansas, but everything seems to be sorted now and the appointment is made for the 3rd at 13:00 PST. That's one step closer to our big adventure.

Only 27 more days until Matt and I are on the "Big Blue Bird" with KLM quaffing "Bolly" and chatting up the hostesses about how we're also pilots. Hahaha. I cannot wait.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Clayton, thanks to Frank I found your website. I now wonder why it didn't show up on my screen a little earlier, because it is just great to read your stories. I am doing my PPL training at Vliegveld Hoogeveen. Will add your blog to my linkpage right now. Hope to read and watch lots of more on your blog in the upcoming time. Bye for now!