Saturday, May 12, 2007

Palm Springs

After a quick(ish) dash across the desert, Matt and I made it safely to Palm Springs. We were cleared through Las Vegas' airspace and then made our way safely to Palm Springs International airport....probably the biggest one we'll have visited on this trip. The descent down from the hills and onto the approach was pretty bumpy. My friends Bob and Ron (with whom we're staying with overnight) were telling us that they've had a few experiences with approaches in commercial flights into Palm Springs. Matt set the plane up for probably the best landing of the trip so far by either one of us.

We've spent the day at Bob and Ron's place (an absolutely stunning house at the foothills of the mountains) and Matt and I recharged our batteries and relaxed by horsing around in their pool. I've been spoiled by Ron and Bob's spectacular cooking (for which they're highly renowned) and of course their cocktails. I'm dreading the bill in the morning (only kidding) for the 5 star treatment they gave us during our stay. It's been nice to be able to just chill during our holiday. I think San Diego will be similar when we meet John and Janis there.

I've captaining the flight to Gillespie so it should be fun. I can't wait. Back to our old stomping ground. I'm looking forward to hearing the grumpy traffic controller on the radio too...hee hee.

Bob & Ron, I cannot thank you both enough for your hospitality. I hope I can extend the same to you when you're in Amsterdam next. Once again, thank you both SO much.

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