Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Sight seeing the San Francisco Bay

Today was the first day that we had our 172 to ourselves, so just to get a feel for her and get ourselves used to ATC again in the US, Matt and I took her for a spin around the Bay Area.

We had started up "Sierra Papa" and taxied out to the run-up area was and Matt commented about trying not to twang the Pitts that was already there. And then I remembered we had no renters insurance. D'oh!! We called ATC and asked to taxy back to Attitudes hangers and we shut down the plane and went to organise the insurance.

20 minutes later and $350 lighter in my pocket, we were ready to go again We fired up "SP" and taxied back out and got ready to fly in the sky's of San Francisco by ourselves.

Matt was do the flying and I was doing the navigating and radios. I made a couple of cock-ups, but nothing major or dangerous, just a silly mistake here and there. But we got to talk with San Francisco Approach (called NORCAL Approach) and they kept an eye on us on radar until we were out of their region.

The flight we took was North from Livermore towards Walnut Creek and then West direct to Angel Island. From Angel Island we overflew and circled the Golden Gate bridge and Alcatraz and got some nice views of the city.

Then we headed South towards Half Moon Bay where there is a little uncontrolled airfield. We checked the winds and determined the runway we should use, gave out a call to any traffic about who we were and what our intentions were.

Matt made a nice approach and landing. We did a touch and go and then climbed out and flew back North.

We then tuned in the folks in NORCAL again and kept a listening watch before heading back to Livermore. Even though the weather was hot on the ground and like a sauna when not flying, the air vents in the plane when flying were good enough to keep us cool. But we've realised that a full on 4 hour flight non-stop would be hard on the legs so we've plotted our route to Vegas tomorrow with a stop-over for some food and a stretch of the legs.

So tomorrow is the big day....our ULTRA LONG cross country to Las Vegas. I can't wait

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