Friday, September 22, 2006

Slooooowwww day

Well, it's been a slow day so far. I was supposed to be up in the air since midday today, but one of the guys did his solo cross-country flight and was delayed leaving by an hour due to marginal weather. When he got back, he decided he was going to do some more circuits....which meant I didn't even have a plane to fly!!!! Grrrrrr.

I was then supposed to change planes and fly Golf Foxtrot for a few hours, but when I did the pre-flight I found a nick in the propeller blade that would need filing down and the passenger door was jammed shut. She was therefore unsafe to fly so I did not accept her. I handed her over to the techie guys (there's a cute Mexican girl mechanic there too) and decided to wait around. Am trying to study my navigation stuff but nothing is sticking in my head right now. Think I'll try to grab a nap or something, the heat is draining the energy out of me.

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