Thursday, September 21, 2006

Some pics from the ground and the air

Thought you might like some of the photo's I took from the school and from the air when bimbling around with Jose last week and also with Matt last night.

This old girl, a Beechcraft, was taken out for a spin. She has a MASSIVE engine and makes a roar when she takes off.

Here's a photo of the flight line at our school. The C-172's are the ones in the distance.

This little Piper Cub looked like she was brand spanking new, or maybe rebuilt. She was taking some people up from the school beside ours during the day.

This is Miramar from the air. This is where they filmed Top Gun. You can just make out the dozens of fighter jets and helicopters on the apron.

The beach at San Diego, flying at 500ft above the water.

Sunset over the water when we were cruising along the coast.

Downtown San Diego from the air.

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