Thursday, October 12, 2006

Bimble up to find Billy Joe

This morning saw me get into the school and prep for a solo ride up towards French Valey to locate a private airfield called Billy Joe. Why?....I hear you ask me? Well, because it's one of the designated diversion fields for my checkride flight and it's NOTORIOUSLY difficult to find. When I got there, I spent about 15 mins circling trying to find it, and then had to fly radials from two of the lakes there to try and pin point it. EVENTUALLY, I managed to find it, but fuck me is it difficult. It's nestled in between a bunch of houses, so almost looks like a normal road from the air. I made a note of where it is in relation to other big features, so I should be able to spot it when I do my test tomorrow.

Later this afternoon I'll do my stage check with another instructor to make sure I'm ready for my test and then tonight Kevin and I will do some more night flying to complete my Night Rating. The clock is ticking down closer and closer to the big day. I can already feel my tummy churning. Better grab some Peptobismal and continue with memorising my Emergency Drills.

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