Thursday, October 12, 2006

Last written paper passed

Good news everyone. I have passed both my last written paper AND my R/T Licence practical test. Now all I need to do is sit a stage check with another instructor so they can see if I'm ready for my checkride and of course the checkride itself which is scheduled for Friday.

I only got two questions out of a total of 50 wrong in my written test....not bad, even if I do say so myself. I was up till very late last night cramming and revising for the R/T practical and I arranged with Kevin to take today off from flying so I could concentrate on the written exam. I was planning to sit that one tomorrow, but after memorising the answers in the confuser and reading the books I felt as ready as I was ever going to be and sat it int he afternoon.

I made a couple of mistakes during my R/T practical, for example, getting my callsign a bit muddled in the beginning (I still have ZP and GF on the brain) and repeating one or two things I didn't need to from time to time. But the examiners main concern was that I knew my Mayday calls, I knew my direction finding calls (if I ever get lost) and that my basic radio etiquette was up to scratch. He was happy enough and said he noticed how much better I got as it prgressed and I started to calm down and relax. So now I'm licenced to operate a radio in the air :-)

Tonight will be spent memorising the emergency procedures and the aircraft settings for the different manouvres I'll need to do during my checkride, and hopefully the weather will be good enough for me to sit it on Friday, because I really want to go to the Mirmar airshow on Saturday.

So today was a VERY good more written exams and the countdown is ever closer to the deciding flight. Am I nervous ?......Is the Pope Catholic? :-)

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Unknown said...

Well done Mate!

Best of luck for Friday!