Saturday, October 14, 2006

Flight test scrubbed

Well today has been a comedy of errors, only I'm not laughing. I woke up this morning at the crack of dawn to meet Kevin with the intention of flying out to Phoenix to pick up our examiner, Victor. We would then sit the test on the way back and he needed to come back to examine someone else also. But it's has been raining and really shitty weather all day today.

Kevin checked the weather, didn't like the look of it (thunderstorms and icing conditions) so we held off for a while to see if it would improve. While we waited, Kevin said he'd head off home and come back. He came back, but with a huge gash in his head. Apparently he'd walloped his head against a cupboard door and cut open his head. So he went of to get stitches. So I was paired with the guy who did my stagecheck the other day.

I preflighted the plane, fueled her up and taxied back to pick up Mike. We'd be flying IFR (on instruments) to get there because of the weather. When Mike got his clearance, his phone rang. It was Victor. He was calling to scrub the flight because when all was said and done, by the time we'd have gotten there and prepped for coming back, it'd be dark. And Victor didn't want to fly night IFR on the way back. So it looks like I'm doing it tomorrow. But tomorrow is D-day for sure because I'm flying back on Monday!! Please everyone.....keep your fingers and toes crossed that it all works out tomorrow.

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