Saturday, October 14, 2006

Skills test today......with a twist

So it seems my examiner had to go off to Phoenix to sort out some personal stuff....taxes and such like, which menat he was to be picked up to come back here and test myself and some other girl. But he's now dreamed up a plan that myself and Kevin fly out there at the crack of dawn to pick him up, and then the flight back will basically be my flight test!!!

I'm more worried now than ever, because I don't kn ow the terrain and don't know all the little airfields there. I'll also have Kevin in the back when the test is being done, which means I'll have extra weight in the plane when I do my "Practice Forced Landings" and my various other landings. I'm not a happy bunny, and if I fail the test, I'll ask immediately for a new San Diego!

Please keep your fingers and toes crossed and say a wee prayer for me that I pass.

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