Sunday, May 06, 2007

It's blowing a gale out there....

....Well, not quite, but Matt and I have had another lesson scrubbed because of the wind. I just hope that the wind will calm down enough, or at least blow straight down the runway instead of across it, so that we can get checked out on the Cessna and continue the second part of our adventure.

We're going to head to the school anyway to look at the large regional map they have. I spoke to an old pilot over breakfast and he told me to be careful of Reno because it's a high altitude airport, is prone to icing this time of year and we could find ourselves in trouble. Based on that info, Matt and I are going to find out if it's possible to route direct to Las Vegas via a more Southerly route. We'll wait and see.

This is reminding me of the last few days in San Diego last year were I was sitting around waiting for the weather to improve. Hope it does and that it improves quickly.

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