Friday, May 04, 2007

Licence to thrill....

Well the FAA in the U.S. have found it in their wisdom to validate my European licence. It was a fairly painless exercise, just a form to fill and show him our licences and we were then issued a "Temporary Airman's Certificate". The actual licnece will be sent to us in the post in a few days.

That now means I can beat up the sky flying upside down with my hair on fire :-) Only problem now is that the weather is pretty crap here. I left Amsterdam where there wasn't a single cloud in the sky and it was about 22-25 degrees. Here in Livermore it's overcast, raining and only about 14 degrees. It's supposed to improve by tomorrow though.

So we have a pretty busy couple of days ahead of ourselves. Am supposed to get two hours flying today (don't see that happening) then 3 tomorrow, 3 the day after that and 3 the day after that. It's almost like the bad old days in Anglo American when I was getting my licence.

To tell you the truth, I'm not that worried about the aerobatics course, I'm more frightened on the flight review with the instructors. I haven't done a lot of slow flight or emergency practices and so I know I'm going to cock them all up and I'm worried they won't sign me off. I'm going to go and brush up on my techniques again and read up on the manoeuvres.

Yesterday was spent showing Matt around San Francisco. We tried to take a trip to Alcatraz, but it seems we missed the last boat over there. We'll try later on when we get back from our trip I think. But we then went up to Lombard ("the crookedest street in the world") and took some pics, then he had fun driving down it. We also went to look at the sealions at Fisherman's Wharf and then the obligatory drive across the Golden Gate Bridge. We stopped to take some photo's and then drove back into town and had dinner at Izzy's and met up with my friend Bud for some beers and catch up on his news.

We got back pretty late, my eyes were tired and I fell asleep a few times in the car. Thankfully Matt was driving home.

So today will be a waiting game. See what the weather brings and keep my fingers crossed that it clears during the day.

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