Saturday, May 05, 2007

The toy box

Here at Attitude they have some of the best maintained aircraft I have ever seen, and also some of the most powerful ones all in the same hanger.

When Matt and I learned to fly in San Diego at Anglo American Aviation, we were flying in very beat up, worn out and knackered flying beer cans. They were forever going tech and needing to be coaxed back into the air by the mechanics. I got used to it and eventually would always choose the more reliable out of the three Cessna 172's to do my training in.

But then I came home to Holland and found Polder. Their fleet was well maintained, clean, reliable and safe. But it was the simple mish mash of Cessna's and Pipers.

Enter Attitude Aviation, toy box supremo's. They have a number of Citabria's (aerobatic tail
draggers on which I'm training) and Cessna 152 Aerobat, a Super Decathlon (another tail-dragger aerobatic) and Grob 115 (tricycle aerobatic which Matt's flying) a PITTS Special (which is going to burn a hole in Matt's wallet) and BEAUTIFUL Waco open cockpit bi-plane and the piece de la L-39 Albatross Jet Trainer called the Firecat.

So many toys in the toy-box not enough money to try them all out :-(

Here are some pics for you to enjoy.

This is the Citabria I'm flying and chucking about the sky upside down.

This is the Waco open cockpit bi-plane

And this is the Pitts Special which is beckoning Matt to go fly. He wants to take it up with one of the competitive aerobatics pilots instructing here and go nuts. I fear I will be left pick up the pieces tomorrow when he lands and his stomach is still somewhere over the skies of Livermore.

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