Thursday, November 05, 2009

Some pics from the Strasbourg flight

On the journey South from the Netherlands to France, you begin to notice subtle changes in the landscape. For a start, you begin to notice hills....a geographic concept unknown in Holland :-) Here are some small hills in South Western Germany peeping out from the mornings mist burning off.

This is a photo (below) of Geilenkirchen NATO airbase right on the German/Dutch border.

 Just below my wing, about 2,000ft below me you can see a NATO tanker climbing out from the airbase I passed over only a few seconds ago. I was cruising along at 6,500 ft and he was told not to climb above 4,500.... presumably to avoid me.

This is a pic of me in the cockpit. Even with the glass bubble cockpit, it was still a little chilly in the Autumn sunshine. However, the fresh-air vents are opened fully in the summer because it's like a greenhouse in there :-)

Another pic or yours truly. As you can see, there's plenty of headroom in the cockpit.

View of France from the cockpit, looking straight-ahead

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