Monday, March 29, 2010

Pics from trip to Spa

As many of you will have read from my previous blogs, I had tried to ferry the Robin to Strasbourg unsuccessfully last year and ended up having to divert and spend the weekend in Spa, Belgium.

As luck would have it though, the weekend I made my unplanned arrival, they were celebrating their centennial, which meant there were quite a few interesting and exotic visitors to the airfield, including of course myself :-)

I have finally got round to downloading the pics from my iPhone and I thought I would share some of them with you. Can anyone spot my little Robin in the background? :-)

An interesting pic from the iPhone of the HEMS heli based out of Aachen in Germany.
My bundle of joy is parked in the grass in the back-ground. Pictured here is an OV-10 Bronco.

Yours truly sitting in the cockpit of an Antonov AN-2

A replica of the plane flown across the English Channel by Bleriot

A stunning example of the Beachcraft Staggerwing

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